you don’t have to explain why

So much energy wasted.

On the reading, on the scrolling, on the note-taking, on the worrying, on the opinion-asking, on the disclaimer-ing, on the feeling guilty-ing, on the eggshell walking, on the needing approval-ing, on the ask for permission-ing, on the self-shaming, on the OTHERS shaming, on the justifying, on the backtracking, on the…

Let me just ask you a question. Is it so? Is it so that you have a goal? A dream, a vision, a desire, a want?

Is it so?

If it is so, then the only reason you need for it to be worthy, is the fact that it exists.

We are born, so we are worthy. The same goes for our ideas, thoughts, wishes, dreams, hopes, loves, and visions.

Move forward in your truth. Use your energy differently, wisely. Go forth and actualize, alchemize.

You belong here and we’ve been waiting for you.

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