what the hell is all this about?

I have thoughts, and I am writing them, in hopes they will help another person. Every “successful” thing I’ve contributed, has been preceded by a heavy surge of not knowing, and so that is where I am at now. In the not knowing.

Here’s what I do know:

  1. We are all connected. When you hurt, I hurt. When you feel joy, I feel joy. Vice-versa. Rinse, repeat.
  2. The conscious vision of love is expanding rapidly, with different terms of sets of agreements rolling out by the second, in the framework of sexual orientation, gender identity, relationship orientation, and many more things. This gives room for more opportunities for connection, growth, and LOVE.
  3. Every person on this planet is “enough” because they exist. No one is less than another person. This sort of ranking viewpoint is illusory.
  4. My purpose in life is to spread the word of the importance of self-connection and resultant joy.
  5. I am appreciative of you for reading all of this.

There’s much more to say and at this point, I am in silence — but there is more coming. This just got real…

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