the transformative nature of solitude

I like to be alone. I like walking into my apartment after a day of doing all that needs doing, and taking off all of my clothes. I like being naked, alone, in my apartment. I like putting back to ground. Earthing, grounding myself. Who said it, that “you better be sweeter than my solitude” line? I don’t really think of being alone in that way. I don’t really compare it to being with other people. Because I love socializing with other people. I like deep conversations with people. I like dancing with other people who are dancing, who are listening to and getting their minds exploded by the same life-changing lyrics and beats. I like that.

But it is only in solitude…that I can recalibrate. That I can be reminded of what I am meant to do, supposed to do, wont to do. You see, things like social media are an (extroverted) introvert’s dream. I can be connected to people and in conversation with people without ever having to leave my apartment, or having to clothe myself.

Oh, that’s why I like social media, the internet.

I believe every person has a purpose in life — and it’s not necessarily some ROLE, or position, or ACTIVITY. It can be a feeling. Like a feeling, that no matter what, is YOUR feeling to cultivate within, and share with others.

No purpose in life can be realized without a consistent habit of intentional solitude. As much solitude as I experience in my life, my biggest fear still haunts me:


I define boredom as…thinking back to my past habits….not having anything to learn or think about. But everything needs rest. The brain needs rest. The brain cannot be toiling over new information every hour of its existence.

So solitude. Away from the updates of others’ lives, away from the opinions and unsolicited advice from your parents and other family members, away from the well-intended advice of your lovers and best friends, who frankly really have no fucking idea what you are trying to create.

Solitude. Be. And Be. And Be. And Then, Maybe…Listen.

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